Tuesday, March 21, 2017

I think my liver has given out

I dare you to blog.

I have learned from blogging that it is a great way to get whats on my mind out. It has also helped me to be more communicative in a different way. Even though I'm not having an actual conversation it does help to be more open to the public. Blogging has helped me to get out of my comfort zone and explore my writing side.

Shame on me for changing? NO, shame on you for staying the same.

My blogging has changed over the semester because I didn't know what to blog about and now it's like I'm constantly trying to put information out or write about whats been going on in my life. Also it's almost like I've created a system with my blogging, the first blogs I've done were almost like warm ups but now I know how I want my blog to look and what I think will catch readers. I changed the way I blog because change is good no one wants to stay boring.

It was on a fortune cookie.

 Blogging is important to my career because of many things , helps with my writing, improves my communication, makes me think outside my box when it comes to ideas, and also pushes me almost make blogging a career and make money out of it. I want to do radio I think but its almost the same you have to help people create an image in their head. I didn't realize that a career could actually be fun but blogging and radio is something I am interested in. They are both food for the mind.

Think like a Clark.

Blogging has effected me by letting me open my mind up. I was shy when It came to writing about my life without feeling self centered but knowing that other people can relate is satisfying. I can help people especially Hispanic girls know they are not alone when it comes to having super strict parents. It like we help each other I type and they read. Its like having balance. 

Why doesn't Coca-Cola cans have my name.

I've learned the most important things in this class is that grammar is everything, go outside your comfort zone, grab readers attention, have fun and always have a teacher like Clark.  

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Essay Pt. Two

She writes her thoughts on how it is scary to be mixed in our generation now when both races are targeted the most in the news. Many fear for their rights as a human being, I born in the United States still feel like I am no different than those that were not. It is my culture, my pride, my blood and it will never change. The world is changing and it will continue to change, but we should never take a step back but twenty steps forward. 

Blogging says what the news won’t allow, it writes what the media is afraid to say which is the truth.


3. http://bbwgeneration.com/category/awareness/

Essay Pt. One


Culture, tradition, appearance, love, family and all that is personal has been such a huge part of who we are and what we think of ourselves and others today. The news puts information out that at the end of the day create our judgment on certain situations. I as a Hispanic see news that belittle my culture. It is not just my race but the others that share different ligestyles.it is hard to keep opinions out of the media or untruthful comments on people when the media and news are our main source of information. Learning to appreciate where you came from and who you are is tough, and when you censor your own mind it is worse. Ruby, a blogger who writes about how her having mixed kids, a black husband, and her being Hispanic is terrifying. 

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

The Killing "C"

My family means the world to me, but my grandparents are my heart. They are the reason I have such great parents and that fact that I'm even here,but nothing hurts more than finding out that out of the 4 one is currently dealing with cancer.

Now my grandpa Jose which we call him Abuelito "Pepe" I know it sounds like the guy in the beginning of my blog but thats a whole different thing (weird) well he is my dad's dad, the Hernandez side. We found out last year that he has stomach and throat cancer. It was so devastating  because I never had to deal with something like this upfront. I remember when my mother told me I hadn't really processed it yet, until one day when my roommate and I were listening to some music out of no where I just broke down. It hit me that someone I love so much is going through pain that we can't take away. 

He is doing great, he is fighting and I'm so proud of him. Going to a chemo with him and seeing him smile is just so hard but yet amazing to see. 

Every time the family gets together he starts to cry, I know they aren't tears of sadness but tears of joy, that he is with us another year and some disease is not going to change that.

The love we have for him is forever and we will fight this battle together.