Tuesday, January 31, 2017

500 days of Winter.

We had a lot of things we said reminded us of each other.It was simple things like our favorite food,song,place,lines,and favorite movie , but our all time favorite movie was "500 Days of Summer ". It was the only movie that explained what was going on with us. It was about two people who thought they understood each other but they didn't. She was open minded and well he was just closed off, but they evened each other out or so they thought. It was a weird love movie that basically proved that you can give your all to someone and it will still fail.

If it comes to mind no, we are no longer together.Turns out when we were trying to work things out he had a baby girl on the way.

I don't hate him and I probably never will. I'm actually happy for him. He did his part in my life and I did my part in his. We learned from each others mistakes and for me that's what I needed the most, learn from my mistakes.


In the time we were together we had our good and bad times. It was one of my longest relationships, almost 5 years or 5 years exact but who knows we were on and off way to much.We bumped heads a lot just because he was way more mature than I was but I just viewed things differently. I've always been more open minded on situations and I accepted anyone as my friend but he always saw something he didn't like in people and would keep his distance, UNLESS you were super funny and wore weird outfits like he would (his favorite pink poncho.)

He had a huge impact on me through out the years.He would teach me that not all things are what they seem,no matter how good the situation looks.That the people who love you CAN hurt you , that everyday is a lesson and we learn from it.He taught me the difference between expectations vs reality.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Love at 1st Heart.

I met "B"  through Bebo, I won't say his name so i'll just call him our secret nick name Pepe; I was 14 almost 15 and he was 13 almost 14. We would always post hearts on each others walls just because you always had 3 hearts to give out everyday. We started texting once in awhile , not a whole lot just because we hadn't met in person yet. It wasn't a creepy online catfish type of deal it was more of we had the same friends and I knew who his brother was. The 1st time we ever got to see each other was at night at Harkins in Brick town right by the fountain. It was almost romantic and fairytale like ( I was 14 everything was magical) but that was the moment we had clicked. 

He had asked me out after the whole situation with Chelo literally the week after we broke up. So I said yes, The exact date was 1-14-2011, we did that so our anniversary would land on Valentines day, ha-ha SMART. Can't judge me though I was a kid everything was so much easier and less complicated than what it seemed.

We had great times from being in my other best friend's quince Marina, spending valentines together, to our birthdays and basically just being with each other 24/7. 

I knew it was a serious thing for us just because he actually had the guts to ask my dad for permission to date me. NO GUY ever had the balls to even talk to my dad without me standing in front of them, but No Pepe was different.

If I could explain him in one word I couldn't. He was so many different things; he was realistic, kind, funny, generous, unique, a fighter but more a lover. He was Him.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Blast To The Past.

When I was preparing for my quince so much was going on, not only was I practicing my waltz and figuring out what color and dress I wanted , which I didn't even get to choose my dress it was given to me by a girl that ended up getting pregnant before hers (my luck) , but as well as getting ready for my best friend Lesly's 15 too. It felt like I was preparing for my wedding with everything that needed to be done it was insane! Not only was my time Invested in that I had to worry about the love life I thought I had at 15 "HA-HA" yeah. 

By the time Lesly's and my quince came around it was like game on, it almost felt like we were in competition which made it fun for both of us. Mine was shut down early do to a guy that couldn't get in and started a shooting (like I said my luck) but it did start pretty early and well hers was fun but we were already exhausted from her party bus, so I guess we both had our pros and cons. The pro at hers for me was getting asked out by the guy I had liked named Chelo. 

Since I was 15 I kinda was allowed to have a boyfriend, he wasn't my 1st one but he was one I didn't have to hide from my parents , especially my dad. 

Long story short he cheated,has a daughter and hopefully happily married, Which leads me to "B" the guy that changed my whole life around and made me feel like I needed to grow up. 

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

This should be fun RIGHT?

I should probably introduce myself the name is Moraima, but people call me Mo or Momo or whatever is easier to say I don't have a preference. Im 21 in college with a job "yay me", but that's not what I'm here to write about. I'm here because it is so hard to be a Hispanic girl with "traditions" and having to up hold some type of stereo type just so your family doesn't judge you and basically thinks you're the black sheep...WHICH has always been me. 

The holy Quinceanera ( basically the Mexican version of a sweet 16 but at 15) one of the most important things in tradition or another excuse for a huge party and to spend money that is going to bankrupt the hell out of your family. Well this is what my blog is about how I feel that the magic number "15" DOES NOT, DID NOT, AND WILL NOT make me a woman in over 24 hours.