Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Baggage Pt 2.

When I mean baggage not in a sick perverted way but the one that comes with a kid.

He had a kid at 18, while he was still in high school. So many people tell me that I don't need those problems in my life because I'm still young, but really a kid isn't a problem its a blessing.

He is the cutest,funniest, and sweetest kid in the world. I love him to death. Martinez and him are twins. 

It isn't weird when he calls me mom, not losing respect for his creator but I always tell Martinez " he only calls me that because he sees me with you." 

My friends always call me stepmom and make jokes and I honestly don't care it is a privilege to have someone you love, have their kid love you back. its' like a bonus. 

My dad is a little weird about it. Martinez is covered in tattoos and has a kid, not the traditional guy a Mexican girl's dad wants her to date, but I am slowly trying to get him to accept the little family I have. 

It will take time, for him to be more accepting like my mom, but he is trying both my boys are trying. 

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