Tuesday, April 18, 2017


Update on moving back in? HELL. Its so hard to go back to rules,curfew, and not being able to come home drunk off my ass. Its not why I left before you all think I'm some type of alcoholic but I mean the fun part of it. I can't even walk out of my house without getting the whole " where are you going?" or "what time are you coming back?" or the most annoying comment in the whole wide world "NOT TO LATE" like holy crap I'm about to be 22 and I literally feel like I'm 15 all over again. 

I love my parents so much don't without a doubt, but it is exhausting to feel like I'm even scared to ask for permission in fear of getting a no, which sadly I do get.. It becomes an argument on how I'm never home,all i think about is fun, blah blah blah , like yes mom and dad I do because of eventually I wont be able to. 

Maybe its the fear of me making mistakes, but the only way to learn from this is by making them. They will always feel the need to protect me and I know they are realizing they can't but are trying to keep as much of a grip on me as they can that I'm slowly slipping through their fingers. 

Word of advice, if you move out and know that eventually you might have to move back in with your parentals, enjoy living alone as much as you can. You will grow from it. 

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