Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Mi Army Boy.

I didn't realize how easy and difficult it would be to have someone so special in my life be in the army. Sometimes it's okay to have that distance to miss each other but then at times it is complete hell.

Martinez is his last name. I didn't meet up recently, he has actually been in my life for many years now just secretly. He has basically played a role in my life today. I met when I was 15, I didn't really pay any attention to him because I assumed he was a complete jock, only because he does love attention and on top of that a flirt.

I never thought him and I would become best friends, we text 24/7 and freak out when one of us doesn't reply, so if you haven't guessed it we love each other a little more than just friends. 

Part of us holds back from trying to date just because we already know one another past relationships and all the dirty little secrets it came with, but we want to "try". 

We do argue a lot due to trust issues, but yet it feels wrong when we don't speak.  He is the most prideful ass guy I've ever known and I am beyond stubborn. Not only that we don't like to be wrong. One of us always has to be right,and I always lose since I am more emotional than he is, but he's trying to change and I notice it but it seems like he is taking forever. 

We have a rule, the rule is to never let one of us go to sleep mad. Its not really a rule, but we can't hurt each other like that. We have been through hell and back and right back to hell and back again that giving up on each other is too easy, and it wouldn't be us if we did. 

He comes with baggage but who doesn't?

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