Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Bigger than Big.

This past Sunday we had Easter with the family, It wasn't the normal way we celebrate this year, we had to make adjustments for my grandpa. He was too sick to leave the house and we didn't want to risk him getting anymore sick. On top of that we celebrated our grandma's birthday. 

It felt good to have half of the family from Mexico in town, it was good for him to feel like he wasn't alone and having half his grandchildren with him was like the best gift ever. 

As we sang happy birthday to our Abuelita Anita thats what we call her, my cousin Erick who is the oldest of the cousins on my dad's side announces that they have a baby on the way! This is the 1st grandchild of grandchild's child if that makes sense, but that wasn't the only announcement, my other baby cousin who is still in high school is also having a baby which announced my aunt in tears. 

My grandpa could not stop crying, not because he was upset but because finding out that our family is getting bigger and bigger was the best news he's ever heard. 

It was tough for our youngest cousin to look at us while my aunt announced it,but to us we finally realized that sometimes things happen and for the best of reasons. Not only is she and my cousin-n-law pregnant but they are almost 2 months apart. 

It was beautiful to find out on the day of Jesus's resurrection that two beautiful,strong, and amazing women are bringing life on to earth as well.    

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